Removing photos from Google Photos album on Android

In  Android,  the timing existing facility is very interesting and necessary, but there is a service especially not short and not use: the  Picasa now Google Photos . The biggest problem is that the images stored in Picasa (Google Photos) were always listed in my  gallery.  This week, I found a tutorial that teaches you how to remove the Picasa Gallery and will share with you.


1) Disable the sync option from Photos or Picasa: enter “Settings”, “Accounts”, “Google” and disable the sync option Picasa Album (Google Photos);

2) Clean the gallery to remove the images synchronized with Picasa (Google F

otos): enter “Settings”, “Applications Manager”. Then, look for the application “Gallery” and click the “Clear Data” option.

3) Open the Gallery, she wait update and you will realize that the pictures from Picasa will no longer be there.

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