Installing Date of Applications on the SD Card

You may have noticed that the Motorola Razr D3 has very little internal memory (only 2 GB). In this tutorial I will teach to change the position of the memory card to the internal memory, making the memory card is the “sdcard0” and internal memory the “sdcard1”. So you can install as many games / applications your memory card hold.


  • Required Root tutorial tested in RazrD3 RazrD1 and other models may not be necessary to make changes simply below only open the Root External 2 Internal SD and click “External> Internal *
  • downloads necessary
  • Root External 2 Internal SD
  • Tutorial
  • After make install Root External 2 Internal SD, open it and check the settings tab.
  • In “The Original internal mounting” put ” / mnt / sdcard “;
  • In “The original external mounting” put ” / mnt / sdcard2 “;
  • In “The ext. sdcard device accessories “put” / dev / block / vold / 179: 97 “;
  • Check the “use per default”;
  • Check the “send rescan” option;
  • Go back to the application’s home screen;
  • Click “External> Internal *”;
  • Check “At boot **”
  • Click “At boot if init.d”;
  • Go to the settings of your device;
  • Check the “Internal Storage” option.

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