Installing Date of Applications on the SD Card

You may have noticed that the Motorola Razr D3 has very little internal memory (only 2 GB). In this tutorial I will teach to change the position of the memory card to the internal memory, making the memory card is the “sdcard0” and internal memory the “sdcard1”. So you can install as many games / applications your memory card hold.


  • Required Root tutorial tested in RazrD3 RazrD1 and other models may not be necessary to make changes simply below only open the Root External 2 Internal SD and click “External> Internal *
  • downloads necessary
  • Root External 2 Internal SD
  • Tutorial
  • After make install Root External 2 Internal SD, open it and check the settings tab.
  • In “The Original internal mounting” put ” / mnt / sdcard “;
  • In “The original external mounting” put ” / mnt / sdcard2 “;
  • In “The ext. sdcard device accessories “put” / dev / block / vold / 179: 97 “;
  • Check the “use per default”;
  • Check the “send rescan” option;
  • Go back to the application’s home screen;
  • Click “External> Internal *”;
  • Check “At boot **”
  • Click “At boot if init.d”;
  • Go to the settings of your device;
  • Check the “Internal Storage” option.

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How to Use Htc’s a New Revamped Blink Feed App

HTC’s Blink Feed acclimated to be one of those apps we disabled and larboard to aggregate dust. But with its latest update, it’s no best a absolute decay of Home awning space.

Now, you can use it as your all-you-can-eat amusing networking and account aggregator. In Sense 6 (on the new HTC One and advancing to added phones soon), HTC assuredly ample out how to accomplish Blink Feed valuable, but you’ll accept to set it up the appropriate way to absolutely acquire the benefits. Use it to bound see what’s new on Instagram, Facebook, and a aggregation of others while as well blockage on top of the latest account and updates from your admired sites and Twitter feeds. Here’s how to get started.


Keep it on the Home screen

By default, Blink Feed is affianced on the extreme larboard Home awning in Sense 6. Bash appropriate to see Blink Feed, again bash over already added to accompany out the card that lets you search, add content, and acclimatize settings. From here, you can tap Highlights to get a quick advertisement of the latest updates, or baldest from any of your custom capacity and amusing feeds to appearance their content.

When you wish to add content, all you accept to do is seek for it. Each seek will acknowledgment a advertisement of after-effects accompanying to your query; if there’s an RSS augment associated with that term, Blink Feed will action you the befalling to subscribe to it. You can as well add Twitter feeds and YouTube channels, and the app will as well appearance links and accounts accompanying to your seek term. Also, to ensure that Blink Feed will retrieve the advice you want, you can examination the cable page afore you accomplish to it.

If you end up accepting absorbed to Blink Feed, you can set it as your absence Home awning from the Android settings card (go to personalize again Manage home awning pages). As an added benefit (and to attract you to abide to use it), it’ll as well affectation the time and acclimate at the actual top.

Use it to analysis up on friends

If you don’t wish to accessible up a agglomeration of alone apps to analysis what your accompany are accomplishing on amusing networks, you can use Blink Feed as a aggregate aggregator to browse what they’re posting. In the Settings menu, beneath Casework & Apps, you can accept to affix Google+, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Fit Bit, as able-bodied as any added accompanying applications that accept Blink Feed affiliation congenital in. Since HTC just afresh opened up the Blink Feed API, you should apprehend added app affiliation to access in the advancing months.

Once connected, Blink Feed will activate jumbling in those cachet updates with the blow of your account content. You can as well baldest any of the alone amusing networks you wish to analysis up on from the abyssal menu. As a bonus, you can animadversion and “like” posts anon from aural Blink Feed after accepting to barrage into an app, as able-bodied as column cachet letters to your amusing networks.

Sync agreeable for offline reading

You don’t consistently accept to be affiliated to a arrangement to analysis Blink Feed. You can calmly accredit Offline account from the Settings panel. Baldest Argument alone if you alone wish Blink Feed to do a barebones download, or Full commodity to accompany all argument and images in every refresh. Both of these modes will aftereffect in abstracts acceptance if you do it over the network, but you can set Blink Feed to alone brace automatically over Wi-Fi.

Pull in your read-it-later stuff, too

Are you the blazon to aggregate being to apprehend after in apps like Pocket or Ever note? If you accept read-it-later apps like these installed, you can add them to blink feed, too. They don’t absolutely chip that able-bodied into the approved Blink Feed “stream”, but you can bash over to the card and bound about-face to one of these casework instead of the accepted Highlights view.

The new Blink Feed in Sense 6 is a far added streamlined, customizable, and affected band-aid than in the past. If you’ve consistently disabled it before, you should accord the new one a attempt afore disabling it.

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