Canon Power Shot G7 – X Key Features

This is area things get interesting. It’s over two years back Sony befuddled up the bunched camera bazaar by putting a 1″-type sensor into a absolutely pocket able compact. The Cyber-shot RX 100 it looks a lot like one of Canon’s S-series.

Amazingly, Sony has remained advisedly in this acreage for over two years, in which time it’s managed to acquaint two added ancestors of RX100. The RX100 III brought a cyber banking viewfinder and a added consistently ablaze (albeit shorter) zoom, allowance it ascend even added aloft the competition. That about advisedly supremacy ends with the accession of Canon’s Power Shot G7 X.

The two cameras are as well agnates in admeasurements and action broadly agnate affection sets. Which is abundant for photographers, because it agency the Sony assuredly has some able competition.


Power Shot G7 X key features

  • 20MP 1″-type BSI-CMOS sensor (13.2 x 8.8mm)
  • 24-100mm equiv. F1.8-2.8 lens
  • Clicking ascendancy punch about lens
  • Flip-up rear touch screen
  • Dedicated acknowledgment advantage dial
  • A Built in filter – ND filter
  • Wi-Fi with NFC

Canon is one of the abandoned manufacturers to accept consistently offered a committed enthusiast bunched camera in its line up, and the accession of the G7 X agency it now offers four: the S120, G16, G7 X and G1 X Mark II, anniversary alms a altered antithesis of size, amount and capability. The administration and admeasurements of the G7 X accomplish it attending like an S-series, but the amount of absolute ascendancy justifies its G-series moniker.

The camera’s aggregate of blow screen, committed acknowledgment advantage punch and beat ascendancy punch about the lens accord a top amount of absolute ascendancy for such a baby camera and Canon’s iterative, evolutionary admission to camera interfaces, forth with a little time absorb arena with the camera suggests it should plan ambrosial well.

Meanwhile, the data of the sensor acerb advance it uses Sony’s IMX183CQJ sensor, so could able-bodied be able to bout the latest RX100 alternation in agreement of angel quality. That abandoned would accomplish it a cogent accession to the market.

The Lens

Given that angel superior is all about ablaze capture, the best way of authoritative the lot of an ample sensor is to acquaintance it with a ablaze lens. One of the things that helped the RX100 III acquire its Gold accolade was the admittance of an F1.8-2.8 zoom which meant the camera maintained abundant added of its ample sensor advantage as you zoomed in (rather than airless it with the F4.9 best breach at telephoto on the aboriginal two RX100s). However, this acceleration addition came at the amount of the lens’ range, with Sony akin the zoom to a 24-70mm agnate ambit to accumulate the camera small.

Clearly Canon has begun some awe-inspiring ambush that has let it amalgamate a fast best breach ambit with a agreeably ample zoom range, while befitting the camera admeasurements down. They may action the aforementioned ambit on paper, but at any point from 24-50mm equivalent, the Canon’s lens can be kept wider-open than the Sony’s, with the aberration extensive over 2/3EV at 30mm equiv.

Specs compared

The size, sensor, lens spec, and amount accomplish Sony’s RX100 alternation the lot of accessible rivals for the G7 X, but we anticipate the G1 X II should accept acumen to be worried, too. The big G offers a hardly best zoom and the adeptness to add a cyber banking viewfinder, but the G7 X is appreciably smaller, hardly cheaper and can bout it in agreement of absolute admission to controls.

The Sony RX100 III’s video cutting is accomplished and there’s annihilation in the G7 X’s blueprint or Canon’s contempt history of compacts to advance its travelling to be able to bout the Sony in this respect. The love-it-or-hate-it click-less ascendancy punch on the Sony is acutely advantageous if it comes to cutting video footage. The Canon’s array activity is as well ambrosial disastrous.

The G7 X as well has no advantage for including a viewfinder, admitting the RX100 III has one built-in. This is acceptable to be a absolute agency for some photographers. But the brighter, best lens of the Canon, forth with its bigger ambit of alien controls could be a acceptable counter-argument.

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